James Robert

I’m James Robert and I have been a pickleball enthusiast since my teenage.

I started playing pickleball when I was in college, and since then, I’ve won many awards and achievements—and even coached in a few clubs. But it all started with a chance encounter at the park.

About twenty years ago, I was out for a walk with my dog when a group of pickleball players asked me if I wanted to play. They had just started their own team and were looking for some new members.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of them—they looked like they had just come from the gym or something! But after watching them play for a little bit, it became clear that they knew what they were doing: They were having fun! And so did I!

So that’s how it all started: me walking around the park with my dog and meeting new friends who shared my passion for pickleball. Nowadays, whenever I’m out on the court with my friends or training clients, there’s always someone around who wants to try their hand at this wonderful sport. And we love sharing our love of this sport with others!

Awards and Achievements:

I’ve been playing pickleball for almost two decades. Starting out as a recreational player, I quickly became hooked on the sport and turned pro-level player in a few years. And then I decided to make it my profession. Luckily I have won many titles and awards and even earned more than $100k in prize money in men’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

My top career wins include

➡️ 3 Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) Titles
➡️ Grand National Championship
➡️ US Open Pickleball Championship
➡️ Independence day Pickleball Mania
➡️ Midnight Pickleball Heist

Coaching Career

Throughout my career, I received appreciation and queries from younger players. It was always fun to guide new players and refine their shots and skill level. Players on the court and in clubs used to ask for different strategies and tactics to win on the court and I really enjoyed teaching them.
Eventually, I decided to coach players professionally and help them boost their game. I ended up coaching in some top pickleball clubs in the USA.

Now I’m working as a pickleball coach and an enthusiast who wants to see more and more people enjoying this sport.

My Journey to this site:

I earned a good amount of money and fame through this sport.
But it wasn’t that simple. First of all, I didn’t know how to play pickleball—I’d never heard of it before. And second, there were no good places for beginners to learn—or even just people who wanted to improve their game without paying hundreds of dollars for private lessons with other players who already knew everything they needed to know.

So I decided to do something about it myself: start up a social media presence where anyone could learn how to play pickleball quickly and easily (and get great gear on top). From there, things just took off: we started getting messages and emails from new players inquiring about the right type of gear and equipment needed for the sport.

Eventually, I realized that I could help more people play better by sharing my knowledge and experience with them in an online setting. And that was the moment when I started this website, Trizon Sports.

How Do I Help Players With Pickleball Gear:

Trizon Sports allowed me to help people around the world improve their games and choose premium quality equipment at reasonable prices. I have been personally using and examining these top brands of pickleball gear for over twenty years. And have seen brands evolving from simple products to their modern and advanced variants.

My primary focus is on comparing and testing these products and listing down the best ones for your use. Now you can take the guesswork out of buying premium quality equipment from the most reliable brands. My detailed reviews (that contain specifications, pros, and cons of the product) are here to help you make a prudent buying decision.

I have also provided my expert reviews and product recommendations by evaluating the product’s durability, functionality, budget-friendliness, and ease of use.

Now that I can give back even more by helping others achieve their goals, I am excited to continue working towards my goal of helping others improve their game!

If you’re looking for advice on picking out your next set of gear or just want some recommendations on where to buy them, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can contact me at [email address] or by leaving a comment below.

2- Enrique Ruiz

This is Enrique Ruiz, an avid pickleball player, and Pickleball Hall of Fame inductee who has won numerous tournaments across the country. I have been playing for over 20 years and credit my success to my passion for the game, as well as my willingness to work hard at honing my pickleball skills.

The great Harry W. introduced me to this incredible sport back in Elementary school in Hillsboro, Oregon. Larry Seekins was the man who taught me the basics of this sport for the first time.

I started out in the sport as a tourist but soon realized that I had a knack for it and began to compete in local tournaments. Later after some 8 years of my recreational pickleball journey, I devoted my weekends and vacations to improving in this sport and started playing more frequently. I saw many players lacking better responsive skills at pickleball courts. That forced me to focus on my hand-switching skills for better response and wingspan for better court coverage. Later these two factors became an area of my expertise in this sport.

During these past 20 years, I have won multiple awards and bagged major achievements. My passion for pickleball forced me to start working professionally as an Advisory Staff member at Selkirk and that was a major blast. My workdays at Selkirk allowed me to participate in major tournaments and interact with other avid/elite pickleball players.

Awards and Major achievements

During my career, I won multiple pickleball tournaments and championships. My top career achievements include;

➡️Dennis Forbes Memorial Open- Gold

➡️Tournament of Champions Mixed Doubles Gold in 2014

➡️Mixed Doubles- SeaTac Open Gold in 2013 + San Diego/Melba- Gold in Men’s Age & Open Doubles the same year -2013

➡️ Open Singles National Champion – 2012 & 2013

➡️ Men’s Open Doubles National Champion – 2010 & 2012

➡️ Pickleball Hall of Fame Inductance – 2019

Coaching Career

I enjoy all different formats of the sport including mixed doubles, singles, and men’s doubles all the same. I view them as all different and I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out the key strategies to win each format. In my spare time, I love to guide other players and see them playing the sport with the same passion as mine. Especially at weekends, I give brief coaching sessions to junior players in Portland, OR. My students call me by the name “El Condor” for my ability to switch hands and cover a major part of the court.

Journey to This Site

I joined Trizon Sports back in June 2022 during summer vacations and started as an author and editor where I technically review the content and strategies to ensure all the techniques are up to date and delivered in the right way. I also share my personal experience with pickleball equipment and highlight my top picks in different product categories.

My main goal in joining this site was to voluntarily share what I have learned through all these years. I share what worked best for me, which equipment is my favorite, and what paddle to choose for any game format. I share everything about my experience with different top brands and their pickleball gear. I do so to simplify the purchasing decisions for new pickleball players and help them know what would work best for them without investing huge amounts of money on testing equipment themselves.

How do I help Pickleball Players?

I love seeing other people improve their game, which is what keeps me motivated. I happily share whatever I know and have learned about this sport through all these years. But I also advise players to listen to all elite players and see what they are doing. But here the key is to listen to everything but not follow everything blindly. Instead, I lay stress on following only what works best for an individual player. I believe you can learn more from all those close matches you lost rather than from those you win.
All you need to improve in this sport is to stay motivated and keep playing with the right gear!

About Us

Trizon Sports is a website devoted to helping players find the right gear for their needs—whether they’re just starting out or have been playing for years.

What do We do?

We believe that it’s important to provide our readers with accurate information about the different types of equipment available to them. We offer detailed buyer guides so you can know what equipment suits your skill level, as well as reviews of popular brands of equipment so you can see firsthand how they compare to each other. We also provide tips on how to improve your game and help you learn more about pickleball.
We pride ourselves on providing a user-friendly experience that makes it easy to navigate through our site. You can search and find out which accessory is right for you or how to choose the right one.

Who We Are?

Our team consists of avid pickleball players and coaches Enrique Ruiz and Robert James, who are dedicated to creating content that will help players get better at this awesome sport.

How We Craft Content?

The reviews on Trizon Sports are based on our personal experiences, as well as the experiences of Close friends and family. We test each product thoroughly before we write a review, and then we make sure to look up any other reviews that might have been done by other people who’ve used the item in question. It gives us an opportunity to put our experience into words so others can get a better idea of what it’s like to play this sport. with the right gear.

We also pay attention to the company’s reputation when it comes to customer service and guarantee policies—we want to know if you can trust them with your money.

Finally, we’re committed to keeping up with new products and services that are coming out in the world of pickleball equipment.

We keep updating our reviews because we want to keep our readers informed about the latest developments in this industry and the latest trends in pickleball products.

We believe this will keep our readers informed about what’s available out there so that they can make an informed decision about what works best for them.

If you have any queries related to pickleball gear, or skill level or want to anything specific about us, feel free to contact us at the given contact details.
We hope you enjoy reading our content!