The Pickleball game is getting famous all around the USA. In this review, I will give you some suggestions on picking the best pickleball paddle for beginners. To be fair, there is no good reason for putting $150 into a top-of-the-line paddle in case you are simply learning the game. There are huge loads of better choices at a more reasonable cost that will give you truly amazing execution on-court. Furthermore, a portion of the more costly paddles accompanies razor-flimsy edges, prolonged oar appearances, and grasp sizes. When one is working on how to play the game of pickleball, he must keep in mind that it would be easy to play with the lighter-weight paddle as compared to the heavier ones. In this review, I will ensure you choose the paddle that will improve your game effectively.

For beginners of pickleball, choosing your pickleball paddle can be stressful. This review of the best 13 pickleball paddles will help you in selecting the perfect pickleball paddle suited for a beginner like you.

Knowing the fundamental properties of a paddle will fulfill your requirements as a novice/beginner in the pickleball game is very important. This will empower you to settle on the ideal decision when you’re picking a paddle among the various ones accessible. Continue to peruse and discover the best pickleball paddles for novices in the market today.

Purchasing GUIDE Of How to Choose A PICKLEBALL PADDLE:

There are a few parts of a pickleball paddle, racket, and balls that you want to think about while picking; additionally, you should pay special attention to certain things in a pickleball paddle. The best pickleball paddle should be selected based on the following buying guide


A fundamental element to think about while picking a pickleball paddle is weight. This is because the heaviness of the paddle results in more power needed to execute the shot. If you select a heavy paddle right, in the beginning, it will certainly affect your play. There are three types of paddles:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Medium Weight
  3. Heavy

For players suffering from arm and wrist injuries such as tennis elbow and joint pain, lightweight paddles weighing around 6.7-7 ounces are a perfect choice. Lightweight oar are appropriate for amateurs since it is simpler to move and offer more control.

An oar of weight 7.5 ounces is viewed as midweight: this kind of paddle is recommended for players who have been playing for some time but are not yet professionals or experts in the game. These players have somewhat developed games and have acquired control over their shots.

Heavy oars/paddles weigh between 8.3 and 8.5 ounces; these paddles are recommended for either strong players or professionals and experts. The types of paddles give huge power but on the downside have limited control. So players who are professionals and experts would be better equipped to use these heavy oars since they would have developed more control over their shots.


Pickleball paddles consist of 2 parts; one is the internal material and the other is the external material. The internal material is the inner piece of the oar/paddle. In other words, the oar is constructed of this material. The internal material typically has a honeycomb design which keeps the oar adequately light.

The internal material is usually made up of Polymer, Normex, or Aluminum among which the Normex material is usually thick, hard, and produced from a small number of honeycombs. This kind of material offers less power.

The polymer material is tough, milder, and has bigger honeycomb cells. It is somewhat calmer and offers a ton of force with less control.

The 3rd type of center aluminum material is like the Nomex paddles. Aluminum paddles are sensibly thick; they have little honeycombs. They offer fantastic control yet negligible power.

The external material is the outer covering of the oar with which you hit the ball.

The external material of a pickleball paddle can be made up of Graphite Carbon fiber or Fiberglass (composite). The Fiberglass material is most widely recognized, which gives a great deal of force. The graphite external material is tough and offers good ball control with less power.

Carbon fiber is exceptionally strong as a result of its sturdiness. This fiber gives the best look to paddle with little misfortune in hitting. Another type of external material is the wooden paddle which is also used a lot.


It is important to consider the thickness of the part of the paddle that you grasp in your hands. The size of your hand decides the size of the grasp which would suit you the most. For example, the paddles with a bigger grasp would be suitable for players with bigger hands, and similarly, smaller-sized grasps would suit people with delicate hands.

You should choose an oar with the appropriate grasp because if the oar is too large for your hand, it will be difficult to control, and if it is too small, getting a good hold will be difficult as well.

Light and heavier grips are likewise valuable. For example, if you have small hands, you will have more control over your hits as well as more power during your serves, whereas a huge grip will help you reduce stress on the elbow, shoulder pain, and wrist pain. In terms of thickness, some paddles have a pad or gel cushioning that provides an elastic grip for better control.

Then again, a few paddles are simply insignificant and dainty. The grasp of your oar/paddles can be improved by adding a pad on the paddle.

Overall, you should select an oar with a grip that you can easily control and that feels good in your hand. This helps you to play your best.

The most effective way to observe the right hold size is to think about your tallness. A grip size of four inches is adaptable for players with a height of 5ft. 2 inches and for players ranging from 5ft. 2 inches to 5ft. 8 inches the grip size of four and a half is reasonable. Players of height 5ft. 9 inches and taller will require an oar with a bigger hold size of 4 ½ inches.

Edge Guard:

A person must decide to purchase a pickleball racket with an edge monitor/guard. The edge guard of an oar is the factor that prevents you from dropping your oar or plunging for a nearby shot. This is because the edge monitor permits you to play as hard as you need while keeping your paddle secured.

Then again, most edgeless oars have a defensive tape rather than an edge monitor. This defensive tape doesn’t affect your play, and it’s not observable. Regardless of how secure the edge monitor is, it does not secure your paddle.



The main component of these paddles is that they are made up of graphite carbon fiber and are also supported by USAPA. These paddles are great for beginners who are learning to play the game for the first time. This paddle is also affordable.

Personally, the grasp and handle were acceptable to me. They had a hold size of 4.5 inches and a periphery of around 4.25 inches. The hold is outfitted with a sweat-retaining limit and padded to absorb vibration. I was able to control the game better thanks to the graphite face with versatile components.


The polypropylene honeycomb center is used for making its graphite face. This component increased the holding duration of the ball on the oar and gave me more time to set the ball in careful places.

The Graphite Pickleball paddles help save the energy of players by improving shots in any event when little power is applied. This oar/paddle also comes with a Neoprene defensive case to help protect the oar when not in use.

The oar/paddle comes with an edge monitor, which aids in lowering oar pressures and protecting you from accidental wounds. This stunning component likewise does not cause harm to the oar in situations where the oar/paddle mistakenly falls to the ground. It is considered to be the best starter pickleball paddle.


  • Edge gatekeeper to assist with forestalling harm.
  • Appropriate for fledgling and halfway players.
  • It is reasonable.
  • It has a padded grasp.
  • Light-weighted.
  • It accompanies nice development and an appealing plan.
  • Suitable handle and grasp size.
  • USAPA Approved.


  • It offers a negligible degree of control.


These paddles are widely accepted by players of all kinds whether they are beginners, medium-sized players, or professionals. It is so strong that they can get hammered from hitting hard surfaces. These paddles contain a pickleball set of carrying kits, 2 paddles, and three balls. These are called pickleball equipment. I found the paddle to be quite reasonable since it gives better control.

For me this is a great lightweight paddle, It weighs around 7.8 ounces. These paddles utilize a honeycomb polymer center and graphite carbon fiber face which is best for feel and contact. The exceptionally strong material gives the paddle wonderful strength and makes it dependable.

When I held it in my hand, I felt this oar/paddle had a very delicate non-slippery handle.

The oar offered me an ideal adjusted control and strong hitting. The broad body of the paddle gave me a perfect balance, which eventually brought about a broad effect. The oar’s sturdy surface provided me with the extra energy required to turn the ball.

The hold of this oar accompanies an additional cushion. This provided a smoother vibe and I did not feel too exhausted even after a long stretch of play. The paddle/oar has a great edge monitor, a component that gives a great grip on ground hits.


  • Better Control
  • Outstanding paddle
  • Agreeable and delicate hold on the handle.
  • Reasonable.
  • Lightweight


  • An unacceptable surface of the oar


Gamma Fusion 2.0 is one of the most outstanding pickleball paddles for novices. This is because it includes a super lightweight plan which causes it to give extraordinary speed and mobility. This oar/paddle is the quickest model in the Gamma arrangement.

If you’re looking to improve your accuracy without compromising power, this oar is a good option for you.

The Gamma Fusion 2.0 has finished fiberglass which offers an amazing contact for the oar. The wide body of this oar along with the load of 8 ounces gave me a good combination for perfect balance in my shots. For me, this is the best paddle with medium weight, a small handle, and a broad face of eight inches.

The perfect balance of this oar permitted me to utilize the oar’s control properties. The 4 inches grasp of this oar is great for little hands. The grasp of this oar is delicate and sweat-retaining; this permitted me to hit with more certainty.

It also offers equilibrium and power simultaneously, along these lines making it an adaptable choice for beginners. It has an Aramid Honeycomb Core face that gives great control and power, making it a good choice for an amateur on the court. The Gamma Fusion 2.0 Paddle is supported by the USAPA for endorsed competition play.


  • Agreeable and strong grasp.
  • Reasonable paddle.
  • Quality elements.
  • The more extensive body expands the perfect balance.
  • Very weighty.
  • More power


  • Weight can hurt the shoulder


These are the most well-known paddles in the Paddletek product line. When I used this paddle/oar it was lightweight and permitted me to hit the ball without losing any genuine power. To be honest, I got extreme mobility and speed with this oar due to its lightweight and larger-than-average hitting region.

These are the middleweight paddles that weigh around 7.4 to 7.6 ounces. It gave me a good blend of weight and control. The oar has a wide face of 7 ¾ inches, which provides a good measure of hitting the surface.

Element Pickleball Paddle

I found it to give me the consistency and equilibrium needed in the pickleball game due to its normal shape and the internal polymer it has. This oar has a hold that is marginally padded and has a more modest boundary, which is in favor of most average hand sizes. The oar likewise includes a small edge monitor. Using this light-footed oar, I got speedy responses close to the net and got an option to move quickly.

These are the smoother paddles that have a fiberglass face and offer more power and control. Its expanded twist enabled me to create more tennis-style shots (forehand and strike shots).


  • Tremendous perfect balance
  • Hoses vibration
  • It covers all USAPA Tournament rules
  • Has tremendous wide face
  • Provide a great feel and contact


  • The finished hold scratches upon more usage.


These are the main graphite paddles manufactured by Paddletek, a well-known company known for producing the most reliable paddles. I can safely say these are the most famous paddles all around the globe. This is because it provides significantly more advantages in terms of power, contact, and ball control.

These paddles have a width of eight inches and are widely accepted by all levels of players whether they are beginners, middle, or professionals as these paddles offer an ideal balance. The internal polymer of this oar gave me extraordinary control of the net, simultaneously giving me the power to crush the ball when required. The internal polymer additionally assists with keeping a cap on vibration and sound. The use of a graphite face for this oar/paddle makes it much lighter.


The graphite face made my strikes hard and quick. These paddles rely on the list of medium-weight paddles that weigh around 7.6 ounces. As a result, the oar is neither too light nor too heavy; implying, that you can move the oar effectively with your hands while still getting a lot of force when needed. This oar has a long handle of 5 ¼ inches, which allowed me to be more flexible in how I controlled the heaviness of the oar.


  • Colossal perfect balance
  • Hoses vibration
  • It also covers all USAPA Tournament rules
  • Also has a tremendous wide-face
  • Provide great responsiveness


  • The finished hold is rough


The Selkirk Neo is a brilliant pickleball paddle for amateur players who are trying to advance their game without spending their complete life savings. It is a good option for you if you are looking for a reasonable yet viable novice paddle.

The Selkirk Neo Pickleball Paddle has a composite oar face which improves the capacity of this oar between 7.6 – 7.9 ounces; this makes a decent light oar for fledglings. It additionally offers a quick reaction at the net. These paddles are called Composite pickleball paddles.


This oar has an Edge Sentry guard which gives more insurance and sturdiness. Likewise, the Selkirk Neo has a reasonable and lightweight element, a flimsy grasp (4.125 Inches) that gave me easy control while using it. Subsequently, the thin hold is appropriate for most players, and it can be developed according to your requirements, in case you need more padding.

The solid Powercore Polymer center came with an impressive composite surface of the Selkirk Neo Pickleball Paddle which gave me an amazing execution along with an incredible balance. The oar has a width of 7.875 inches, which is somewhat more extensive than most oars. I found its broad width helpful in returning the balls and decreased my worry about hitting the edge watch.


  • Extraordinary power
  • Lightweight
  • Extraordinary oar insurance
  • Further developed execution
  • Made in the USA


  • The decals on the outer layer of the oar decay after some time.


The Rally Tyro 2 Pro paddle has a very unique design, making it a decent choice for novices. It includes a few improvements, which include hosting center innovation to limit the shock from repeatedly hitting the ball. I found the paddle to provide me with a great feeling of touch and contact based on which I have included this paddle in the list of the best pickleball paddles for beginners. Bear in mind that Rally Tyro 2 Pro is a small grip pickleball paddle.

These paddles have a medium grasp of 4 ¼ inches and the length of the handle is five inches. The grasp of this oar has a lot of tacks, which permitted me to keep control of my oar/paddle making it easy to move.


Fortunately, I tested this paddle during summer, and I found this paddle very non-slippery even with sweaty hands. It is because it utilizes a sweat-retention material. The weight of this oar/paddle ranges from 7.6 to 8.0 ounces. Once again it provided me with extreme ball control and strength.

The Rally Tyro 2 Pro highlights a high-strength execution polypropylene honeycomb center, a tough composite face, and a widespread edge guard innovation. Each of these features gives the oar extreme solidness.

Likewise, the improved perfect balance and light weight of this oar gave me better ball control on each shot.


  • Great Mobility
  • Offers incredible control
  • Lightweight paddles


  • The decals on the outer layer of the oar rise over the long haul


Amazin’ Aces is an organization known for providing brilliant pickleball items. This paddle consists of the main paddles in the pro series of the company. This model is the main edgeless composite oar in the Amazin’ Aces Pro line. This oar is an amazing all-around item that offers a blend of touch and power.

The aluminum center of the oar is also lightweight; as a result, the overall load of this Paddle is reduced.


Its Graphite material gave me good control as well as more twists. Now although I was not able to pull off great power with this paddle, I have still ranked it among the best pickleball paddles due to its greater control.

The paddle gave me an extraordinary performance because of the ultra-pad grasp of 4 ½ inches. The oar is rimless and it does not have any guard around its edges. These paddles are good for novices and medium-size players as the paddle weight is around 7.9 ounces.


  • Accompanies a free paddle cover
  • Top-notch paddle
  • Reasonable cost
  • Gives better control


  • Not supported for USAPA-authorized competitions
  • Toughness is not good.


The Paddletek Ranger is the principal junior oar explicitly designed for youthful players and perhaps the best child pickleball paddles available. According to me, these paddles are best suited to kids under or just over the age of twelve years as well as for older players who have arm and wrist problems.

This oar has a thin profile and enormous balance, making it easy for youngsters to handle while also providing a responsive vibe.


The Paddletek Ranger Pickleball Paddle has an extremely long handle which was not suited for my game, but this long handle permits little players to utilize two hands instead of one while hitting the ball. This is because often little kids find it difficult to hit the ball over the net with one hand.

This oar has a lightweight of 6.5-6.9 ounces and a wide 8-inch face. It has a little hold that is well-padded. Furthermore, the standard solid polymer center of this oar offers good strength and control.

The paddle is wrapped up with a vinyl paddle face. The lightweight and little grasp outline of the oar will save you at the court for quite a while.


  • Good for financial plans
  • Extraordinary practice paddle
  • Lightweight
  • Solid


  • Not supported by USAPA


Another paddle that offers good control and power is the Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle. This oar provides a strong all-around paddle that is neither too light nor too heavy. I found it to provide me with excellent performance at a reasonable cost.

The Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle has a graphite face that hits the ball with the control that is needed from pickleball paddles. The oar gave me solid striking power and perfect balance due to its upgraded honeycomb center. All my shots with this paddle were pretty much mute implying the oar successfully keeps the sounds of the shots down.


The heaviness of the oar ranges between 7.8-8.2 ounces which gave me a good balance between power and control.

The ergonomic hold of the oar is produced using special PU material; this assists with hosing vibrations and lessens weakness. The oar has an ideal 4 ¼-inch grasp; it, consequently, offers amazing playability because the hold is long enough.

This oar was planned in the USA to make it look great and to cause it to conform to true USAPA guidelines for indoor or open-air ace competition pickleball paddles.


  • Solid
  • Reasonable Paddle in the sense of weight
  • Remarkable execution
  • Provides good power
  • Provides good control
  • USAPA accepted


  • Issues with the wrapping up


The Prolite Rockstar paddles are reasonable for both novices and intermediate players. In my experience, the oar has multiple qualities, and its ability to hose vibration on top of providing adequate power helps you play calmly and keep going for long periods. As a beginner in the pickleball game, this oar will most likely be comfortable for you.

The Prolite Rockstar Pickleball Paddle highlights the polymer center; this material is lighter and calmer than numerous different materials. It makes the oar solid and tough.


The extreme polycarbonate vinyl of the oar assists with securing the sharp surface illustrations through even the hardest of the play. This oar weighs between 7.4 and 7.8, making it a mid-range lightweight oar.

Similar to other lightweight paddles I found the lightweight of this paddle as well to provide the same great balance, which in turn makes the oar a strong and a good buy for amateur players. These paddles have a fiberglass face that provides an extraordinary hitting surface and their defensive edge guard helped me with making strong hits.

The handle of this oar has a length of 5 ½ inches and a little hold size which provides a strong grasp necessary for the amateur players of the pickleball game. These paddles also have a novel edge guard that maintains the head of the oar lighter and ensures fewer mishits.


  • Spending plan agreeable
  • USAPA and Green Zone endorsed
  • Incredible load for amateurs


  • Control is not exceptional
  • The oar’s face may look older style to certain individuals


The Paddletek Phoenix LTE is a top-quality amateur pickleball paddle that offers both touch and balance weight. These paddles are available in both light and medium weights.

The Paddletek Phoenix LTE has a standard-sized handle, with a length of 4 ½ inches and a perimeter of 4 ¼ inches. The standard size made the oar easily fit in my hand without giving any trouble with the grip.


A high-level polymer center is utilized in the development of this oar. Likewise, the Phoenix LTE paddle includes a poly surface that has an exceptional surface. This finished polymer surface helped me with hitting either top twist hits or side twist hits effortlessly. The heaviness of this oar ranges between 7-7.3 ounces; this makes it very light in weight. As a result of the oar being lightweight, my movements in the game were much more agile and my hits were much more powerful.


  • USAPA supported
  • Phenomenal twist control
  • Economical
  • Hosing of vibration
  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes causes a huge vibration


The Advanced Recreation Design ARD GF200 is a pickleball paddle specially meant for providing amazing perfect balance and strong hits. It accompanies extraordinary elements which will improve your presentation as a fledgling.

The one-of-a-kind element of the Advanced Recreation Design ARD GF200 Paddle is its throat plan. The throat is the part of the oar that connects the oar face to the grasp.


This extraordinary connection, which is a two-piece shape, supports the parallel flex of the oar, and eventually, this resulted in giving me more shot control when I used it on the court. Additionally, the throat plan of the oar assisted with hosing the vibration on shots which made my play much more comfortable and I played for a longer period without fatigue.

The oar allowed me to hit more precise and accurate shots, which if you were a beginner would help you improve your game level. Furthermore, this graphite paddle includes a remarkable polyurethane paddle center in its middle. The hold plan of this oar is reasonable and simple to control. The heaviness of the oar ranges between 8.2 and 8.4 ounces, which makes this oar slightly heavier than many other oars discussed. If you have no issues with that, then this would make a good buy for you.


  • Reasonable
  • Provides reasonable grip
  • Provides amazing power and controls
  • Better solidness
  • Incredible strength
  • USAPA endorsed


  • Very Heavy

There are countless choices for amateur players in picking the best pickleball paddle. Brands like Onix, Rally, Paddletek, and Selkirk are superb and reasonable for amateur players. Check out my review where I have discussed each of the top 13 pickleball paddles for beginners.

A cutthroat player will replace their oars about once per year. Most paddles will last between one to five years but depend upon the condition, usage, and how carefully it is kept.

Yes, there is a lot of difference in pickleball paddles. Pickleball paddles can vary in several ways:

  1. Material
  2. Weight
  3. Grip Size
  4. Shape and Surface
  5. Edge Guard
  6. Price

Final Verdict:

After reviewing the best of all the pickleball paddles, I found the Niupipo Graphite pickleball paddle at the top of this list. The Niupipo Graphite paddle offers an incredible harmony between control and power as a result of its honeycomb center and graphite surface.

The balance of power and control makes it suitable for beginner players. The Niupipo Graphite paddle has a wonderful shock ingestion limit and is lightweight, along these lines, making it the perfect oar to use when playing for extended periods.

Furthermore, the oar has a padded shock permeable hold type. This oar won’t just acquint you with the pickleball game yet in addition further develops your playing abilities instantly. These great benefits make the Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddle the best beginner pickleball paddle on my rundown.

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