From Beginner to Pro: Choosing the Best Pickleball Machine for Every Skill Level

Finding the best pickleball machine online is never a hassle-free task, especially for beginner players. Some players are confused by a variety of brands and variants including pickleball tutor mini, tutor spin, or tutor pro. Or do you wonder how to exactly use a pickleball machine?

Here I have reviewed and summed up all the top pickleball machine brands including pickleball tutor mini and pro series, lobster pickleball machine, and spin shot pickleball machine. Don’t hurry any further and read on to learn about the significance of pickleball machines and how to use them properly.

Pickleball is like ping pong or tennis except that it’s played on a larger surface and has different rules. It’s seen as one of the fastest-growing sports in the world right now and requires fast reflexes and exceptional hand-eye coordination.

A pickleball machine is a great investment for those who want to practice their game. Those who want to play pickleball with others will find this machine to be quite enjoyable.

There are many different models available and each one has its unique features. I will take a look at the different varieties and what they can do for your help.

How to choose a suitable pickleball machine online?

Are you looking for the best pickleball machines? Today I will talk about the best pickleball machines and how to choose them.

Just like there are many game options you can play, so too are there many top pickleball machines to choose from. Each machine has its pros and cons, so before plunging in to buy your unit, you should familiarize yourself with a few things. I have given a detailed buying guide on choosing the best pickleball machine as well.

7 Best-Rated Pickleball Machines 2024

Pickleball Tutor Mini Pickleball Tutor Mini
    • Adjustable time: 2-10 seconds.
    • Knob control feature for easy use.
    • Arbitrary oscillation.
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Pickle 2 by Lobster Pickleball Machine- Very Sturdy and effective machine Pickle 2 by Lobster Pickleball Machine- Very Sturdy and effective machine
    • Variable spin feature.
    • 2-line oscillation feature.
    • Horizontal oscillation in a random direction.
    • 10-60 mph speed.
    • Comes with a folding aluminum handle for easy transportation.
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Pickleball Tutor Spin with Remote-
Pickleball Tutor Spin with Remote
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor matches.
    • Adjustable between spin and sideways movements.
    • Manual elevation and Electronic elevation control.
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Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine
  • Phone remote feature.
  • Fully programmable drills.
  • 12- pre-programmed drill for all types of shots.
  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed players.
  • Has Remote watch control option.
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Wilson Portable Tennis/pickleball machine Wilson Portable Tennis/pickleball machine
    • Ball speed up to 75 mph.
    • Random oscillator feature.
    • Suitable for beginner- advanced players .
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Pickleball Tutor Plus w/Remote, 2-Line, Electronic Elevation
Pickleball Tutor Plus w/Remote, 2-Line, Electronic Elevation
    • Wireless control system.
    • Random and 2-line oscillator.
    • Ball speed of 10-60 mph.
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Elite Battery Operated Machine by Lobster Elite Battery Operated Machine by Lobster
  • Ball elevation as higher as 60 degree.
  • Heavy top and backspin .
  • Random oscillation in a horizontal and vertical line.
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My Tops Picks in Pickleball Machine

1- Pickleball Tutor Mini- Compact Pickleball Machine:

Best For Beginner Players
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Weight: 24lbs
  • Battery:Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Warranty: Three years product warranty
  • Manufacturer:Made in the USA product

The Pickleball Tutor mini comes with an oscillator and plenty of other advanced features. This smart machine is manufactured by Sports Tutor.. 

Pickleball machines can be a great investment for both new and experienced players. There are plenty of options out there for you to choose from, so it can be hard to narrow down the best pickleball machine for you.

New players may find the pickleball machines helpful in learning where to aim when serving and returning, while more experienced players might use them to improve their aim or increase the speed at which they can return the ball.

In this blog section, I’ll discuss some of the best pickleball machines and what are their possible and negative features. You’ll also have a brief buying guide on choosing the best pickleball machine.

There are many great options out there but you need to see which one suits us the most.
Mainly I’ll write about my experiences with the top 7 brands of pickleball machines and their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of the top labels and their best pickleball machines right now!

This pickleball ball machine is one of the most established preferences online. But that wasn’t the only thing that attracted me to buy this pickleball machine. For me, it was its multiple features that attracted me to include this product in my pickleball machine testing list. It was made from high-impact injected molded plastic.

The machine came with a built-in rechargeable battery and had 2-3 hours of playing time on the court. And worked almost the same way as it was advertised. So I was pretty happy with the purchase.

Pickleball Tutor Mini-Compact pickleball machine:

The only shortcoming of this is that it is not an all-in-one tool. I had to choose a specific model according to my skill level. And I couldn’t use that effectively with beginner students. So I had to buy another one for new pickleball players who were coming to learn from me. Another thing to mention here is its low capacity, as it can only carry around 60 balls. So you would have to refill it after every few minutes.

Overall if you are an individual player, and want to enhance your skill level, it would be a great choice for you.

  • Consolidate and adjustable
  • Helps in improving skill level
  • Compatible to shoot every shot
  • The battery can be recharged
  • Don’t have a remote control
  • Different models for different skill levels
  • Can carry only 60 balls

Personal Recommendation:

Pickleball Tutor Mini comes in several models for different skill levels. But it’s best suitable for new or beginner players. As it is effective in learning more basic features.

2- Pickle 2 by Lobster Pickleball Machine- Very Sturdy and effective machine:

10/10 Our Score
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Battery:Battery-operated pickleball machine
  • Warranty: Three years product warranty
  • Capacity:Holds up to 135 balls

This is a battery-powered and full-featured pickleball machine by Lobster.The design is quite nice and sturdy… 

If you are looking for a simple-to-initiate product, it’s for you. It is a bit pricey but you get a lot of features with it. During my testing, I found the grip of the machine very soft in my hands. Other than the soft grip, I explored and tested different features of this machine and they worked well. One of the major positive points of this brand is its variety of functions including variable spin, random horizontal, and 2-line oscillation.

The weight of this machine is a bit more than other less expensive and entry-level choices. But I found it a good value for money and investment. It helped me improve my shots.

The only primary drawback of buying this machine is, that it takes more time to recharge. But this isn’t a drawback. Overall I found it a great but expensive product. If you are not short on money, it is a great pickleball machine to improve your backhand and forehand shots.

  • Suitable for backhand and forehand practice
  • Have a flexible ball feed speed
  • Up to 8 hours of battery time
  • Offers a range of shots
  • Very expensive machine
  • Take more time to fully charge

Personal Recommendation:

I would recommend this Lobster Pickleball machine to anyone who wants to improve their backhand and forehand practice. I can say that it’s great for beginner to intermediate players.

3- Pickleball Tutor Spin with Remote- Pickleball machine with a wireless remote control system:

Mid-Weight Pickleball Machine
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Weight: less than 30 lbs
  • Battery:Battery-operated pickleball machine
  • Feed Speed: Ball feed 1-10 seconds
  • Capacity:Holds up to 125 balls

If you are looking for a low-profile and mid-weight machine, pickleball tutor spin is for you. This machine is not too heavy and it can be played or placed anywhere in your house…. 

I also like that you can set it to throw to the left or right side of the box. But I was more interested in topspin and backspin features and I wondered if they had a programmable feature of topspin and backspin.

When I talked to the brand’s customer support. I got to know that I would have to buy another variant of the pickleball tutor spin for that feature. Though it was mentioned that they had different variants of this machine I somehow missed seeing that. But I recommend that you be careful about the version before placing an order.

Pickleball Tutor Spin with Remote- Pickleball machine with a wireless remote control system:

One very favorite point of mine is its wireless remote control system which made it a smart machine. Though the variant I ordered didn’t have many features, it was still working well.
If you plan on buying a more powerful machine that has more features, better invest some more bucks for an updated version.

I’m very happy with the machine. It’s well worth the money spent on buying it.

  • Have a wireless remote control system
  • The handle can fold out
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Low playing time on the court
  • 2-line oscillator not included
  • Topspin/backspin feature not available

Personal Recommendation:

I’m not sure about others but I found it quite a relief to find this pickleball tutor spin. It helped me improve my game within a few days. I’d recommend pickleball tutor spin to all the players who are looking for something to increase their game skill level. And you can use and operate it with remote control.

4- Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine- A multipurpose machine :

Best For Both Right and Left-Handed Players
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Weight: Around 19 kgs
  • Battery:Removable battery function
  • Material: Made up of metal material
  • Capacity:Holds up to 125 balls

This advanced battery-operated machine is suitable for both tennis and pickleball players.. 

This tennis ball machine works well with pickleball practice too. I tried and tested this product after some apprehensions. The product was quite expensive. But comes with multiple settings and options to program the features. Initially, I was happy to try and test the features. It offered all types of shots as a great chance to practice.

Another positive feature of this machine is its suitability for both right and left-handed players. You can easily program the shots in the desired direction and at needed angles.

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine-A multipurpose machine:

But there was an issue with the app and it stopped working. I attempted to resolve the matter by reinstalling the app but it kept on crashing. So its phone remote control app is simply ill-functioning.
Other than this unreliable app, it was a good purchase.

I found these facts upon testing this machine for some time. And I can safely say that it’s a well-built machine.

  • Well built machine
  • Mobile phone operable machine
  • Removable battery
  • All types of shots are doable
  • The machine is bit pricey
  • The battery is not included in the machine
  • Don’t work without wifi

Personal Recommendation:

It’s suitable for all players and skill levels.
I recommend this pickleball machine to players who are quite tech-savvy and can use their programming app easily. But if you are not good at using remote control apps, refrain from buying this model.

5- Wilson Portable Tennis/pickleball machine- Programmable for every skill level :

Good Machine
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Weight: Around 38 lbs
  • Battery: Built-in battery
  • Ball feed: Ball feed 1.5-10 seconds
  • Capacity:Holds up to 110 balls

The machine worked well for pickleball matches and helped me in improving my certain shots. Its adjustable topspin/underspin feature is most important of all. .. 

Thanks to its good reviews, I invested in this machine for my testing objectives. One of my friends is an avid tennis player and he was using Wilson’s portable tennis and pickleball machine for quite some years. He recommended this portable pickleball machine with advanced features. And I found it well built.

The only problem was decreasing battery time. It claimed to have up to 4 hours of playing time in court. But, after some use, its battery performance decreased and after using it for a year, the battery was only lasting for 35 minutes after a full day of charging. And it’s quite disturbing for me as the machine has a built-in battery system.

  • Well built
  • Programmable for every skill level
  • Adjustable topspin/underspin feature
  • No remote control
  • Lower battery timing

Personal Recommendation:

I recommend this pickleball machine to the player who wants to improve against, topspin, and underpin.

6- Pickleball Tutor Plus w/Remote, 2-Line, Electronic Elevation- Top selling pickleball machine brand:

TOP Selling Pickleball Machine Brand
9.10/10 Our Score
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Battery: Built-in rechargable battery
  • Warranty: Three year warranty
  • Ball Capacity: 125 balls

This pickleball machine shoots any type of shot including serves, lobs, drives, dinks, and groundstrokes. This machine has many variants including Pickleball Tutor Spin w/2-Button Remote, Pickleball Tutor Plus, and others. All variants vary in price and some features. .. 

This is an excellent machine with advanced versions. I mainly ordered Thai to use for training my junior players during training sessions. After extensively using and testing it for some time, I found it extremely functional for all types of shots. I mainly practiced returning serves, 3rd drop shots, drinking, and blocking.

This machine is getting more and more popular with pickleball players. Pickleball Tutor Plus with remote control and random and 2-line oscillation is one of the best purchases indeed.

One area could be better if improved and that is the electronic elevation control system. Programming its elevation setting is quite tricky and needs practice and vigilance.
Other than this I liked using this machine. Though it’s more expensive than other counterparts, really a value for money.

  • Suitable for teaching and improving skill
  • Can stimulate any shot with any spin
  • Comes with lots of features and shots
  • Programmable features
  • Expensive version
  • Programming is tricky

Personal Recommendation:

I found this machine suitable for frequent players who don’t mind investing some thousand bucks to improve their skill level.

7- Elite Battery Operated Machine by Lobster- Digital pickleball machine with a robot-like appearance:

Advanced Variants and Features
10/10 Our Score
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Battery: Built-in battery with 4-8 hours of court time
  • Ball Speed: 35-80 mph
  • Ball Capacity: Holds up to 150 balls

This elite pickleball machine has many variants including elite 1,2,3,4 and grand elite. These variants vary in the number of pre-installed drill options. .. 

It is one of the most used machines in the market with advanced variants and features.

Elite Grand Five is my favorite among all the others. This particular variant has 12 drills including attack, defend, and other advanced features. This pickleball machine is portable and easy to use and transport. This pickleball tennis ball machine significantly helps you improve forehand and backhand groundstrokes while improving footwork. It also helps in improving court positioning and strategy against all players.

This variant allows you to customize functions and drills. I found this machine average is built up as it is made up of plastic. It might be a more durable choice. But I haven’t used it personally. One of my fellow players wanted a nice low-profile machine with standard features and I chose this variant from many others. Lobster’s elite line is competitive in terms of price and performance.

Elite Grand Five did not have a two-line oscillations feature. Due to this, I consider this an unwise choice for advanced players.

  • Customizable
  • Random horizontal and vertical oscillation
  • Long on court battery life
  • All features are controllable with remote
  • Very expensive
  • Standard plastic built-up of machine

Personal Recommendation:

I recommend this machine to players who play and practice for longer hours without a break. It has all the features and a good on-court battery time.

Pickleball Machine Buying Guide: Key Factors to Consider Before Making Your Purchase

When it comes to pickleball machines, there are tons of options out there. Some are great for practicing, while some are best for training. If you have been looking for a way to increase your gameplay, then a pickleball machine may be just what you need. This is not only entertainment but it is also a terrific way to expand your overall gameplay as well as your skills in general.

With the said thing in mind, I’ve put together this buying guide to help you discover the best pickleball machine. I’ve also mentioned the top features of an ideal machine. So it would be easy for you to make a final buying decision.

If you consider these factors, it’ll be certain to get a high-value machine at an affordable price. And your machine will undoubtedly benefit you to get better at pickleball.

1. Types of Shots offered

One of the best features of a pickleball machine is that it can provide you with a variety of different shot types. You can choose from straight shots, side shots, low-angle shots, and hitting around obstacles. You can also choose from several different angles and angles of the ball to shoot at. If you are throwing in front of a wall or other peril, you can get the shot around the obstacle.

2. Programmable

Must come with a variety of features, including the ability to adjust the speed and height, drop shot option, and time delay function. The machine must be an automated machine so you can use it effectively without needing the help of any other person.

3. Functionality

An ideal machine must not vibrate too much. If a machine vibrates too much, there is a risk of losing balls from the basket. So count on this factor before making a final purchase decision.

4. Battery System

Built-in rechargeable batteries must be there to save you time and effort in buying a separate battery.

5. Adjustable ball speed

The ball speed option must be programmable to adjust according to the skill level.

Don’t forget to check these factors before making a buying decision. And make sure that you are choosing the right model with actual features for your exact needs.
This is how you can buy a suitable machine for yourself.


Before I move toward the conclusion, I want to answer some frequently asked questions about pickleball machines.

How to use a pickleball machine?

A pickleball machine works like an automatic ball-throwing machine for tennis or baseball. The machine holds a basket of balls and shoots them out in rapid succession so that you have plenty of time to return them.
Many machines can be adjusted to move faster or slower or throw the balls higher or lower, so you can simulate different players and shot types. Some can even be programmed to shoot balls at different spots on the court and mimic specific shots.
Most machines come with rechargeable batteries that last several hours, although some of them plug into a wall outlet as well. This gives you the freedom to set up your machine wherever you want, whether at home on your driveway or pickleball court.

Are pickleball machines worth it?

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It’s a great way for people of all ages and fitness levels to get active, have fun, and enjoy the benefits of exercise. It’s easy to learn, can be played indoors or outdoors, and requires minimal equipment.
The game is relatively easy to play but can be pretty challenging if you want to become skilled at it. As with any sport, getting faster and better means practicing a lot. For that practice to be effective, you need to have access to quality equipment such as pickleball machines.

Will a Tennis machine work with pickleball?

Well, the answer is probably yes. Most pickleball players use tempos ball machines to practice their game. And they work fine.
There is some difference in the working of a specialized pickleball machine and a tennis ball machine. But you can take advantage of having tennis ball machines and using them to practice your pickleball skills.

Ball Feeders vs. Ball Machines

Most people get confused when it comes to the terms “ball machine” and “ball feeder”. A ball feeder is a machine that shoots out balls to players on the court in front of them, just like a tennis ball machine does. A ball machine is a machine that can play against you with different shots, speeds, and patterns.
If you’re looking for a machine that can practice against you, then you’re looking for a pickleball ball machine. If you need something that can just feed balls to you while you practice your swing or serve, then go with a ball feeder machine instead. These two machines have completely different purposes and uses, so it’s important to know what you want before making a purchase!

Final Roundup of pickleball machines in 2024

After carefully reviewing all the described features and using the machines for quite some time, I got to know how hard it was to invest your money in one single best choice. And for those who are still looking for my recommendations, I’m here to let you know my favorite machine.

Spin shot-Player Tennis Ball Machine:

I found spin shot pickleball machine reviews quite helpful and thought about giving it a try.
You can practice using this machine in a very convenient way. It is not like the previous pickleball machines. In my viewpoint, this spinshot pickleball machine is the best. The only issue was faced with the remote control iPhone app. Otherwise, the machine has a variety of features and functions to use and improve in particular game areas.

👍🏻 A word from a well-versed player


The Pickleball machine is an excellent tool for practicing the mental game. It simply enables you to work on your technical sports skills and your mastery to examine your competitors.
A modern pickleball machine is a must-have for any outstanding pickleball player. It is so much fun to use and you’ll be startled at how rapidly your sport enriches!