Top Pickleball Strategies and Techniques To Help You Always Win

As a pickleball player, you always want to improve your skills. Whether you are playing singles, doubles, or mixed doubles there are bound to be rules and pickleball strategies you aren’t familiar with… Or maybe you do know them but aren’t great at executing them.

I have played pickleball for years and improved my skills and expertise. And today I’m here to teach you some essential pickleball techniques and strategies. And I’m confident, that these tried and tested techniques and strategies will help you become a better player.

After some years into the sport, Pickleball has become a considerable component of my life and I love it. I love meeting other players of the sport too. Being a very social person I always receive messages on my social media accounts from new players.
Earlier this month I received this message from a young dude.

Hey, my name is Steven, I have been playing it for the past 3 months and looking to improve my expertise as a player. However, I am still a beginner-level player so would love to improve my expertise with the best pickleball strategies for a beginner. Kindly help me out in this regard and make this piece helpful enough for those who are new to this game.

Steven has convinced me to put up everything I know about the best pickleball strategies, in writing.

Pickleball strategy tips by well-learned players

Thus being a senior pickleball player I’ve decided to help you all. So this blog post has been written to teach some basic strategies, tips, and tricks including the best way to improve your expertise level as a pickleball player.

The basic focus of this blog would be “how to optimize the strategy, how to improve expertise level and how to make perfect shots, etc.” But I’ll be sharing some examples of the best pickleball strategies too.

This article will answer all your related questions. And go through the guidelines which would help you build solid knowledge about improving your expertise in pickleball.

Basic Pickleball Strategies:

If you’re reading this, you either know a beginner player or you are one and are looking for help. How should beginner pickleball players play to improve their skills? How do you play the way that helps you become an advanced player of pickleball?

Let me start by saying, I know how hard it is when you first start playing pickleball. Even if you get lessons from professional instructors, it’s still not easy to learn the game at first. So, I understand that you might be a beginner, frustrated with your game and you might wonder why you never win any games. I’m here to tell you that this article is going to help change everything because these tips will help improve your game tomorrow easily.

The pickleball strategy is a bit different than conventional tennis. The size of a pickleball court is similar to that of a badminton court. But with a net that stands 34 inches high at the center and 36 inches at the sidelines. A ball made of plastic with holes sits on top of a perforated paddle, which is much larger than those used in tennis. Pickleball strategy varies depending on whether you’re playing doubles or singles.

Advanced Pickleball Strategies and Techniques:

Pickleball is a great sport with a lot of history and tradition behind it. It is also a very technical game and therefore requires a lot of practice and training to be able to play at your highest ability level.
In this section, I have discussed some advanced pickleball strategies that you can use to help make your opponents weaker, so you can win more games. These techniques will give you an edge over your competition, and I hope that you will use them as much as possible.

advanced dinking strategies

🔺 Always keep learning and Improving:

Being a senior player has taught me a lot about pickleball. I have realized that there is no certain way to play pickleball. There are numerous varied styles of play, and they all serve if they are played well. I have also learned that the more players know about the game and how to play it, the better they will be at it.

🔺 Follow Senior players:

If you want to get better at this game, then I suggest that you improve your pickleball skills by watching others play. It is important that you learn from other players and watch them play so that you can see what works for them and what does not work for them.

🔺 Always serve well and quick:

One of the most important skills that pickleball players need to learn is how to serve well. This is because serving will determine the outcome of the entire point and possibly the match as well. However, it takes more than just good form and technique to be able to hit good serves; you must also have good patience, concentration, control, and balance when hitting serves.

🔺 Don’t try to Rush things:

When hitting and returning shots, you must try not to rush things; instead, you should focus on hitting the ball with precision and accuracy. In addition to that, it is also important that you do not get too tense or nervous when playing because this can affect your accuracy.

Newer Pickleball Strategies for Advanced Players

In this section, you will explore the different pickleball strategies that are available to expert players. These strategies can be applied to both defensive and offensive play. Here is How to become an advanced pickleball player.

🔺 Pickleball Defensive Strategies:

There are many different strategies you can use to defend against your opponent’s shots. These include:

  • Defending the net
  • Defending against high shots
  • Defending against low shots
  • Defending against love
  • Blocking backhands and forehands
  • The first strategy is called the “pickle shuffle.” This is a technique that allows you to get closer to your opponent while still being able to cover a lot of ground quickly.
  • The next strategy is called “the wall.” This is when you stand in front of your opponent and keep them from moving forward.

  • 🔺 Pickleball Offensive Strategies:

Pickleball is a very fast-paced game with a lot of movement from both sides. If you are on the offensive, it is important to keep your opponent guessing and not give them any time to recover. Here are some advanced pickleball offensive strategies to help you do just that.

  • The Lob
  • The Slip
  • The Lob Drop
  • The Drop Shot
  • The Dump Shot
  • The Smash Dump Shot

The Lob – This is an advanced strategy because it requires high-level skills in order to pull it off successfully. What you want to do is hit the ball so that it lands close enough for your opponent to reach but far enough away that they cannot return it with one shot. The lob can be used as a distraction tactic.

Another strategy is called “the fake out.” This means throwing the ball at an angle before throwing it hard and fast towards your opponent.

Top strategy mistakes in pickleball:

Strategy mistakes in pickleball are very common, but they can be avoided. The following are some of the most common mistakes that players make, and how to avoid them.

~ Not staying focused on the ball: Players should focus on the ball at all times and not take their eyes off of it. They should also keep their hands up to bounce the ball back to their opponent.

~ Not keeping an eye on opponents: Players should not only watch their own opponent but also watch other players on the court in order to anticipate what they might do next. This will help them determine where they need to be positioned in order to intercept passes or shots from other players.

~ Playing too defensively: Pickleball is a game where you need to play offensively and defensively at the same time. Players who focus only on defensive strategies often lose to opponents who are more aggressive.

~ Not using their own shots: The best pickleball players often use their own shots as much as possible because they know that they can be more effective with them than with other shots. For example, if a player has a great serve, then he or she should use it as much as possible instead of trying to do other things in order to win the game.

~ Not using lobs: Lobbying is one of the most important skills in pickleball but often players don’t focus much on it.


Every advanced pickleball player is constantly developing his or her game. Strategies are learned, experimented with, and fine-tuned. The amount of time devoted to training, practice, and play will impact the level of expertise achieved. Once these core strategies are understood we can experiment with how they can be incorporated into an overall strategy that can be employed by any pickleball player.

A combination of different types of picks and dinks, coupled with a solid understanding of your serve and return can create a dynamic array of shots that are hard to return – even for seasoned players.
So stay tuned to fine-tune your pickleball techniques and strategies!