Best Professional Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players

When you’re a pro player, you need the best pickleball paddle out there. You want to be able to hit your shots with accuracy and power—to get yourself in the best position to win games. But what do pro players use? I asked all my pro friends on the court and got some great answers!

One player told me that she uses a paddle made by Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddles because it has a comfortable handle grip that makes it easier for her to swing her racket backhand, which is her strong side. Another player prefers an all-wood paddle because it’s lighter than synthetic paddles (and he says it feels more like his racket). A third player loves his carbon fiber pickleball paddle because it’s lightweight but still durable and tough enough for any kind of play.

So for pro players who have mastered the game, you need to buy high-quality pickleball paddles. A good pickleball paddle will make a big difference in your game and help you improve at an exponential rate.

The best pickleball paddles for advanced skill-level players are usually made from graphite or carbon fiber. These materials are lightweight and flexible enough to bend without breaking, which is essential for scoring points with every paddle swing. However, if you’re just starting, it might be best to go with a cheaper option until you get more experience.

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How To Choose The Right Paddle For an Advanced Skill Level?

  • Choosing the right paddle for any skill level is crucial. The rightly chosen paddle can enhance the overall gaming experience of your game thrill.
  • You should consider the following when choosing your paddle:
  • One thing that’s worth considering before buying any kind of paddle is how easy it’ll be to hold on to while playing. The handle of the paddle should be long enough to keep your hands comfortable and should be easy to adjust so that you can find the perfect grip for your hands.
  • What kind of grip does it have? This can affect how comfortable you feel while playing with the paddle and how long you’ll be able to hold it without getting tired.
  • How much force does it take to hit a ball? This is important because it will determine whether or not you can hit hard shots consistently.

Detailed Buying Guide:

Paddle choice is one of the most important decisions you can make when choosing a pickleball paddle. The right paddle can help you improve your game, but it’s also important to find a paddle that fits your needs.

If you want a paddle with a good balance between weight and flexibility, you don’t want something too heavy or too light. You also want something that has a lot of flex in order to help improve your game, but not so much that it gets in the way during play. Try out different paddles until they find one that feels right: some paddles are better than others at giving you a solid grip while others will feel less secure on your hand or wrist (which makes sense if they’re made from materials like plastic).

If you’re an advanced player, then you might not need a paddle with a lot of depth and weight behind it. If this describes you, then I recommend that you look at pickleball paddles with light topside weighting and low-profile blades. These paddles are ideal for players who like to use the paddle as much as possible and want to keep their hands close to the grip.

On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate player or new to the game, then I’d recommend looking at mid-depth options with more balance between top-side weighting and bottom-side weighting. This helps beginners develop their skills while still offering some power for advanced players who want a little extra oomph behind their shots.

Top Rated Best Pickleball Paddles For Advanced Women and Men Players:

Here I have listed all of my favorite pickleball paddles in the category of paddles for tournament play and sanctioned play.

SLK Evo Hybrid & Soft 2024 Pickleball Paddles: SLK Evo Hybrid & Soft 2022 Pickleball Paddles
    • Material:: Fiberglass
    • Weight:: Around 7.8 oz
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Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddles with Honeycomb Grip Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddles with Honeycomb Grip
    • Grip Size:: 4 1/8 inches
    • Weight:: 8.01 oz
    • Material:: Graphite, legend
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Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle - Pro Tournament Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle – Pro Tournament
    • Material: : Polypropylene
    • Paddle Size:: 15.7 × 7.8 inches
    • Handle Length:: 4.9″
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HUDEF Pickleball Single Paddle, Lightweight Graphite Carbon Fiber Face
HUDEF Pickleball Single Paddle, Lightweight Graphite Carbon Fiber Face
  • Paddle Face:: Graphite
  • Rackets length:: 16.3”
  • Average weight:: 7.9 oz
  • Handle Length:: 5”
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Engage Pickleball Pursuit MX 6.0 Engage Pickleball Pursuit MX 6.0
    • Paddle Size:: 16″ x 8″ in size
    • Weight:: Around 7.6 – 7.9 oz
    • Handle Size:: 5 inches
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PROKENNEX Pro Speed II Pickleball Paddle PROKENNEX Pro Speed II Pickleball Paddle
    • Weight:: Around 8 OZ
    • Grip Style:: Comfortable Cushioned Grip
    • Paddle Length:: 15.43″
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Product 1- SLK Evo Hybrid & Soft 2022 Pickleball Paddles:

Pro Pickleball Paddle
9.9/10 Our Score

I found it easy to use. It gives enough speed and power and can be used for professional competitive matches…. 

SLK Evo has two variants of these professional paddles including hybrid and soft ones. One of my trainees needed a hybrid paddle and chose an SLK Evo Hybrid made of fiberglass.

The grip on the paddle is extra comfortable and soft without being sticky. That soft grip also helps in better handling and execution of shots. The handle is a bit shorter, which may not be suitable for wider/larger hands. Its larger sweet spot helps in improving the reach of shots even for short-heighted players. Hitting effortlessly stronger shots is possible with these paddles too.

Overall I found it easy to use. It gives enough speed and power and can be used for professional competitive matches.

The only issue was with a shorter grip or handle size. He was okay with a grip size of around 4.75 inches but it was difficult for me to operate that paddle with such a short grip.

  • Lightweight
  • Well constructed
  • Comfortable and cushioned grip
  • Shorter Grip size

Personal recommendation 

I recommend this professional pickleball paddle for advanced players who have smaller hands. It comes with a shorter grip and overall provides excellent power and control over the ball.


Product 2- Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddles with Honeycomb Grip:

Extra Spinning Paddle
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Skill Level:Advanced
  • Frame: Graphite
  • Warranty Description: 1 year manufacturer

Its ergonomic handle is convertible to grip and execute shots. …. 

Gamma Neucore paddles are getting more popular among professional players. The brand offers premium quality paddles for novice, intermediate, and pro players. There are almost five styles available to buy online including elongated, two-handed, and extra spinning paddles. All the variants are USAPA-approved and well-designed.

Gamma’s Neucore legend paddles have large paddle cells to absorb extra noise. The cell core is also thicker which absorbs vibrations and makes the play noise free. The grip on the paddle is a signature honeycomb cushion grip which gives it more control and finesse. Its ergonomic handle is convertible to grip and execute shots.

I found its weight ideal for tournament play and overall Gamma Neucore’s paddles are very popular among pro players because it enhances the skill level and confidence of the players.

  • Mid weight paddle
  • Thicker cell core to absorb noise
  • Larger surface area
  • Less durable

Personal Recommendation:

I recommend Gamma paddles to players who want a noiseless pickleball experience. These paddles have a larger surface area for more power and control over the ball.


Product 3- Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle – Pro Tournament :

Ben Johns’ favourite pickleball paddle
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Size:13mm
  • Skill Level: Professionl

The Max Grit core makes it more controlled and powerful in terms of performance… 

Franklin Sports pickleball gear has been my favorite through all these years and I usually recommend my students to invest in Franklin’s top-quality pickleball equipment. This particular variant is renowned as Ben Johns’ favorite pickleball paddle and it has become a universal favorite of all professional players.

The only issue I found was the loss of power. These are soft paddles with microfiber faces that do not provide the required power to smash the ball hard. Other than power, the grip is also a bit uncomfortable and often slips away from the hands.

These paddles come in 13mm and 16mm core sizes. The Max Grit core makes it more controlled and powerful in terms of performance. I had a very good experience with these paddles and recommend buying them.

  • Larger sweet spot
  • Very less Vibration
  • Less pricey
  • Doesn’t provide enough power for harder play

Personal Recommendation:

I recommend this paddle to all the players who want to see the paddle swinging with the ball. 


Product 4- HUDEF Pickleball Single Paddle, Lightweight Graphite Carbon Fiber Face

Top Rated Pickleball Paddle
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Size:Large
  • Skill Level: Professionl

These paddles are a great choice for intermediate players looking to increase their skill level. .. 

These are large-sized professional pickleball paddles for men and women. I was surprised by the fine construction and cover of this affordable pickleball paddle. The paddle has an overall great feel and a wider surface area. Its larger surface area and design make it an accurate paddle for most players. One of my fellow players borrowed this paddle for one of her matches and she found it great. She was interested in buying this paddle for the fact its larger design increases her reach on the ball.

I found these good in terms of control and power as well. These are nice midweight paddles and serve the purpose of controlled shot execution with the required power. The grip of the paddle was slightly lower in quality but that can be fixed with an overgrip or grip tape.

These were less durable and lasted only a season of frequent play. But I guess these are great value for money and I recommend these as the best paddles under $100. These are a great choice for intermediate players looking to increase their skill level.

  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Larger in size
  • Inexpensive
  • Less durable

Personal Recommendation:

I found this paddle suitable for small-sized players as it increases their reach on the ball and provides the necessary power for professional players.


Product 5- Engage Pickleball Pursuit MX 6.0

USAPA-approved paddles
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Size:Lite
  • Approval: USAPA-approved paddles

these paddles are a great balance of power and control. You can enjoy this quick paddle for catching hot volleys too… 

I decided to buy this mostly after seeing so many players using it as their go-to-paddle. Engage MX 6.0 is made for pro pickleball players who have larger hands. The paddle comes with an elongated handle of around 5 inches. Unlike Pro Kennex speed paddles these are lightweight and high-profile paddles. One of the major pluses about these paddles is that they are made in the USA and are designed by skilled pickleball players.

These are great in terms of quality and performance too. The front face of this paddle is rough textured which provides more friction. As a result, the ball stays longer on the paddle which improves the accuracy of the shots. Spinning the ball for dink shots and soft play is also easy with these paddles. Engage paddles to have another variant, EX with a normal handle. These are the best bet for those looking for standard-size handles.

  • Elongated handle
  • Greater accuracy and responsiveness
  • Liteweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Expensive

Personal Recommendation:

I found this top-rated pickleball paddle suitable for 3.5 and above skill-level players. These are a bit more expensive than other options but great for a controlled spin and power shots.


Product 6- PROKENNEX Pro Speed II Pickleball Paddle

Comfortable Cushioned Grip
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Grip Size:Array
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Fiber

These paddles are great in terms of power, comfort, and spin. .. 

These pro-speed paddles are last on my list of approved paddles for advanced pickleball players. I especially liked its edgeless construction and thin core surface. Its kinetic system paddle face is easy to handle and use during high-pressure matches. It was recommended to me by a fellow player when I was suffering from tennis elbow or pickleball elbow and it helped in curing the injury and decreasing pressure on my arm.

These are much better than the Onix brand’s simple variants. These are also superior in terms of shock absorption and capturing vibration.

The paddle came with a standard tapered grip which was easy to hold and use both for hard and soft games. I was able to grip hard for power shots and it was extremely easy on my hands.
Overall I loved this paddle and practiced for my sanctioned matches with it.

  • Solid vibration absorption
  • Gives Power to shots
  • USAPA Approved
  • Comfortable tapered grip
  • Less durable

Personal Recommendation:

I found this pickleball paddle perfect for control and power. This is a kinetic paddle that provides perfect shock absorption. I recommend using this in practice sessions for sanctioned tournaments too.

Final Recommendations:

The best pickleball paddles for advanced skill level players are the Engage Pursuit MX. 6 and the [Franklin Sports]. Both of these paddles are made of high-quality materials and come with a lifetime warranty. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor pickleball, and they have some great features that make them ideal for this sport.

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