How to improve in Pickleball?

If you’ve been a pickleball player for some time, you know that the sport is a lot of fun. It’s also challenging, but not as much as you might think. You just have to be willing to put in the effort and learn how to play better or improve in Pickleball.

There are some common strategy mistakes players make which keep them from improving their skill level. If players avoid those major mistakes they can easily get better at pickleball and become pro players within no time. Here I have pinpointed all major mistakes to avoid during play. Other than mistakes I’ll also guide you on improving your pickleball skill level with basic and advanced strategies.

5- Common Mistakes that Pickleball Players often make?

One of the first things to improve is your overall skill level. Even if you’re already an experienced player, there are always ways that you can improve your game. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the top 5 mistakes that new players make when playing pickleball:

1- False moves:

Figuring out the ball’s movements and moving accordingly is the key. Many new players don’t comprehend their opponent’s movements and their opponents easily trick them. Instead of focusing on the ball movements, novice players concentrate on opponents and react in the wrong way. But staying active and focusing on the ball is crucial.

2- Not listening to their coach/coach’s advice

Many new players do not listen to their coach and take his advice casually. Which results in wrong strategies and unfinished shots. Make sure that when your coach gives instructions during matches (especially during serve and volley points), they’re clearly followed and acted upon.

3- Not practicing enough:

Another mistake is not practicing in advance. Your coach will give you instructions on how to practice before each match, but it’s always better if these instructions are backed up by real-life practice sessions so that they become habits before they become second nature.

4- Not using good techniques:

The major mistake is not playing as yourself. Players blindly copy or imitate the shots of other famous players without figuring out their own strengths.
If you’re not comfortable with your placement or movement, you need to practice until every shot feels like second nature. The more confident and comfortable you are playing, the more fun you’ll have!

5- Worrying About Score:

The Pickleball scoring system and serving rules are complicated. New players often focus more on their score instead of focusing on ball control and ball movements. They get distracted by point scores and do not focus on hitting the ball.

Want to dominate in Pickleball? 6 Key Strategies to Win Big In Pickleball Games:

There are several ways to improve your game quickly. Staying active on the court, being ready to hit the ball, and preparing your shots beforehand are most important to grab a win. Other than these there are a few basic tricks and tips to keep in mind if you really want to become a pro and advanced pro player in pickleball. I have shortlisted a few things beginner pickleball players should keep in mind to improve their game. These tips can help you make the most of your time and learn to enjoy the sport more while playing.

How to improve in Pickleball?

1- Make sure you have a good grip on the paddle.

Don’t just start playing without knowing how to hold the paddle correctly. The best way to learn this is by going over it with a coach or friend who knows how to play, but if that isn’t possible then try holding your paddle like you would when you are trying to catch a ball in baseball or football. This will give you an idea of what it feels like and also give your muscles some practice working together.

2- Get out there and play!

One thing that every pickleball player needs to do is get out there and play! There’s no better way to improve than by actually doing it and getting used to playing under pressure from other people. You’ll find yourself learning more quickly than even you think is possible if you just try!

3- Consistency:

Be consistent in your practice. If you practice consistently there are more chances of you becoming an advanced player. By being consistent you can improve your shots and figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

4- Do Not hurry!

Don’t expect to be a great player right off the bat – you won’t be! It takes time and practice. So don’t get discouraged if your game isn’t up to snuff yet – it takes time to learn the ropes.

5-Learn to Pass on

Don’t try to win every point, even if it feels like you’re making progress by winning more often than not, it’s still not enough. You need to practice your skill level to get better at pickleball and ensure that no matter what happens during a match, you’re still able to play well and have fun!

6- Know Your Goals

Keep an open mind about what kind of pickleball player you want to be: do whatever works for YOU! There’s no one way of playing this sport that will work for everyone, so just experiment with different strategies or techniques until something clicks for you.


You can easily get consistent in pickleball by improving one shot/strategy at a time. If you put in some effort and improve your shots and strategies one after the other you can easily become consistent and eventually improve in pickleball.

The most tricky skill in pickleball is judging the ball and your opponent’s next movements. The players who can judge the ball and move to it can easily bag big wins and beat their opponents.

Final Verdict

We all know that pickleball is an exciting sport only if we put in some serious effort and try to understand the core tricks and strategies to win over our opponents. This is only possible if players avoid making common mistakes. If players don’t make common mistakes and follow key strategies they can eventually improve in pickleball.

Finally, I can conclude the whole argument by saying “focus on your individual shots and strategies. This is the key to improving your overall skill level.

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