What is Pickleball Elbow aka Tennis Elbow | Causes and Cure?

Searching for the cause and cure of pickleball elbow? Most probably you are suffering from pickleball elbow aka tennis elbow. And I know what you’re feeling right now.

Pickleball elbow, also known as Tennis elbow can be one of the most painful pickleball injuries to happen to Players. If you’ve ever suffered from it, then you know how much it took away from your game and daily life. So I have decided to discuss the signs and causes of pickleball elbow pain along with the different ways to cure it.

Over the last few years, the game of pickleball has become more popular, especially in America. As per an estimation, there are more than 5 million pickleball players in America.

There are many reasons for this surprising commotion in the popularity of this sport. It combines several elements that other sports lack: It’s low impact, it’s social, it works well as an individual or team sport, and is extremely fun.

Pickleball players are often interested in learning new techniques, improving their skills, and making the game more enjoyable. But it’s equally important to practice and improve the skills with proper strategy. Because wrong execution of a strategy can lead to severe pain or injury such as pickleball elbow.

Pickleball Elbow signs and symptoms

Pickleball elbow is a painful condition that comes from repeatedly hitting a ball with a paddle. Paddles are typically hardwood or some kind of composite material.

So the term pickleball elbow is said to have come from the repeated pain and inflammation felt in the arm when playing because it feels as though you have hit yourself with something like a pickle or a paddle. It’s not uncommon for an avid pickleball player to suffer from this painful injury.

This article will cover what causes it, how to cure Pickleball elbow, and how to avoid pickleball elbow when playing this awesome game. Because these injuries can be brutal and can even keep you sidelined for months.

What causes pickleball elbow?

There are many factors that can lead to tennis or pickleball elbow. The most common causes of pickleball elbows are overuse of certain muscles, repetitive motions, and improper technique.

  • The repetitive motions in pickleball can lead to pickleball elbow. In addition, an improper technique such as not following the incorrect stroke or grip can also be a risk factor for tennis and pickleball elbow.
  • The Pickleball elbow is considered an overuse injury that can happen to players of the game, and it usually affects the outside of their elbow. It’s caused by repeated extension of the arm while playing pickleball, which leads to tightness in the forearm muscles and bursa sacs.
  • Basically, the pain occurs when you repeatedly throw pickleball with bad technique or in an effort to gain a top-spin advantage.

How to cure pickleball elbow?

The title of this blog section is a bit tongue-in-cheek since doctors have no cure for pickleball elbow. But there are home remedies or treatments you can use to avoid pickleball elbow or cure the pain immediately.

Here are the ways in which you can cure pickleball elbow pain instantly.

First off, it is important to know that the pain you are feeling is not a serious ailment and that there are some simple healing methods you can try.

1) Try ice packs

What is Pickleball Elbow aka Tennis Elbow

2) Get a compression bandage

3) Use anti-inflammatory medication

4) Apply an elbow brace

5) Take a break from playing pickleball for a few days

6) Use the best grip size of the paddle for yourself

Tips on How to prevent pickleball elbow?

Here I will talk about my personal experience and how I got rid of the pain. I will also give tips on what to avoid if you have it. It’s important to know how to prevent pickleball elbow before you start playing. The following are some advanced tips for preventing this injury:

  • To avoid the pain of pickleball elbow, players should make sure to stretch their wrists, elbows, and shoulders before playing
  • They should also take breaks between games and during long games to prevent overuse
  • Try to change your mechanics. As most of these painful injuries happen due to wrong or poor mechanics. So changing your strategy and mechanics can save you from these injuries
  • If you feel any pain or discomfort in any body part or muscle, you should stop playing immediately
  • Warm-up before playing by doing some light exercises like arm circles or tossing a ball in the air
  • Avoid playing too much at once or too close together
  • Properly hydrate yourself to effectively regulate heat while playing
  • Wear comfortable and affluent gear and shoes to prevent injuries or strains

Other common pickleball injuries

Pickleball is a combination of badminton and tennis, combining the best aspects of these two sports. However, with this increase in popularity has come an increase in pickleball injuries.

The most common pickleball injuries suffered by players are muscle pulls and stress.
Muscle pulls are caused by overuse or sudden movements that cause the muscle to snap back too quickly. Muscle strains are caused by pulling or tearing the muscle fibers themselves because of overuse or sudden movements.
Achilles Tendonitis is another lower leg injury that is caused by overuse or repeated stress on the lower leg.

Other common pickleball injuries suffered by players are ankle sprain and wrist rupture.
The best way to treat these types of injuries is with rest and ice packs for 24 hours after the injury occurs, followed by stretching and strengthening exercises for about six weeks afterward.


Pickleball is a sport full of strategy, perseverance, honesty, and sportsmanship. This sport can be played by people of all genders, ages, and skill levels. And if you want to improve your skill level in this sport, you need to focus on proper training to avoid these injuries. But in case you are unable to cure or prevent these injuries at home, go see a doctor or therapist without a delay.

You can consider hiring a professional coach or a senior pickleball player for personalized guidance and to avoid these agonizing injuries. This is how one can become a skilled and well-learned player of the sport.

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